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This page presents archival newspaper articles and ads leading up to the June 27 statehood vote in Hawai`i. According to the massive amount of material about the coming statehood plebiscite published (in particular) by The Honolulu Advertiser, the "Territory" of Hawaii was already a state. This mislead the electorate and grossly influencing the outcome.

Ad for COMING THA clippings of the Stecial Statehood Edition, June 23, 1959

Above Front cover of the 300 page special June 23, 1959 STATEHOOD EDITION.
BUT the people had not voted for statehood until June 27 and Hawai`i was not
declared a "state" until Admission's Day, August 21, 1959.
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Tuesday, June 16, 1959 clippings

Ad for The Honolulu Advertiser Special "Statehood" Edition

Archive clipping THA: Ballot ready, Statehood 1959 Hawaiienlarge

Wednesday, June 17, 1959 clippings

The Honolulu Advertiser Clipping of Ad for special Statehood Edition -features moke-up state seal -Wed June 17, 1959The Honolulu Advertiser Clipping of Ad for special Statehood Edition -features moke-up state seal -Wed June 17, 1959The Honolulu Advertiser Clipping of Ad for special Statehood Edition -features moke-up state seal -Wed June 17, 1959

Thurday, June 18, 1959 clippings

Archive THA clipping: "State" Fair Ad-June 18, 1959 Hawaii Statehood
Above "Let's Be FAIR minded" ! Ad promoting the 50 State Fair,
published four days prior to the vote. The "State" fair began
the day before the statehood election, June 26, and run till July 05.

Ad for The Honolulu Advertiser Special Statehood Edition of June 23.
Above Ad for the paper's Special Statehood Editon, Fashion Section.

The Honolulu Advertiser, June 18, 195
Above 'Likeke' Kageyama stops the Ballot press when it
is realized his name has been omitted.

THA clipping

THA clipping -"Public Noitice" re absentee voting.

The Honolulu Advertiser, Kido Electoral Ad

Friday, June 19, 1959 clippings

The Honolulu Advertiser clipping "Statehood Seen Boon To Islanders"

The Honolulu Advertiser, "The Filipino Contribution"

Sunday, June 21, 1959 clippings

Article about "quick land" for statehoodenlarge
Above Special treat for the 'Yes' voters: Stolen Lands!
Extract: "THE LAND to be returned immediately to the State by the Federal government includes land
to the U.S. by the Republic of Hawaii and now used by the Federal government. The amount was
not known yesterday..."

THA Clipping "Going Fast" Special Statehood edition Ad

THA, Clipping: Our first "Governor"! front page storyenlarge

Archices, THA clipping: Dan K. Inouye Campaign Ad - Hawaii Statehood 1959

THA clipping: article on Island $$$ Boom and "Around the Courts"

THA clipping: Ad for Special Statehood Edition, in
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THA clipping: article VOTE YES YES YES

THA clipping article 2 Vote YES YES YES

Archives, THA clippings: Letters to the

Archives, THA clipping: Ad Vote YES YES YES - 1959 Hawaii Statehood

Archival clipping: THA, US Flag Unfurling

Archives, THA clippings: Circulation -Hawaii Statehood 1959
Circulation on March 18, 1959 meant that The Sunday Advertiser readership,
especially on Oahu was almost the total 'electorate'.

Tuesday, June 23, 1959 clippings
Graphic showing The Honolulu Advertiser June 23, 1959 full page article on their version of Hawaiian history and statehood.

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